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For some, batting is arguably the most essential and exciting aspect of cricket. Apart from the impressive sound & sight of cricket ball flying off the cricket bat after an awesome stroke, it is the best key towards the victory as good batting enhances the number of runs scored effectively and prevents the loss of the wickets efficiently. The cricket batting technique normally refers to the stance of a batsman, his movements and body execution of a cricket stroke. In this article, you will know some correct cricket batting techniques and shots that will help you to improve your battings skills.

We have discussed below some basic and important tips & tricks that will aid the beginner level players to enhance their cricket batting skills.

Cricket Batting Techniques for Beginnershow to bat in cricket

‘How to improve batting skills’ is a vital question for a beginner player that they often ask themselves. All the practice in the garden or net sessions can never prepare you or make you better for the first innings. For a perfect shot and scoring more runs, you need to know your basic rights and correct cricket batting techniques that will make you perfect for cricket games. We have mentioned here some basic tips & tricks that you should try to put into action:

Basic cricket batting techniques for beginners that make them perfect for cricket:

  • Pick your cricket bat up high with hands, it will create a large arm pull that maximizes the power in the cricket bat.
  • If you are only planting the front foot while playing forward will not support you. Leaning in with the front shoulder and then foot can help you, is the greatest technique of doing it.
  • Choose your suitable trigger movement (*You may select not to move at all and just focus & hit the cricket ball as you see it).
  • The front shoulder works like a steering wheel because it dictates where the batsman can try for hitting the cricket ball.
  • Move the feet to provide yourself the best chance for hitting the cricket ball.
  • In case, you get into trouble while batting, then you should try to get up by the umpire by rotating the strike.
  • Ensure you play on merit and try to score more runs off it as much as you can.
  • You should know where your strengths are. Target open areas and hit away from fielders. It will help you to make a perfect shot that permits you to have high strike rates.

These are some basic & important points that a beginner should know and use them to improve the battings skills. The above tips will help you to understand how to do batting in cricket perfectly. Once you have done all these techniques, now you need to do more practice. Make a plan, stick to it, and get your confidence by completing a successful session. If you are practicing into your back yards or general nets, then you will only get simple outcomes. It can’t make you perfect for your first innings.

cricket batting shotsHow To Improve Your Batting In Cricket:

If you really want to excel as a batsman, you should take these approaches to improve your game:

  • Join any local club in your suitable age group and then attend all training or practicing sessions along with you should take the part in all matches so that you can use the batting skills that you have learned.
  • You can also play a game with a higher age group (advanced or professional) so that you can enhance the level of competition.
  • Try to get friends or family to assist you to practice at home. You can also play some little games to enhance your hand eye coordination.

Choosing a Right Bat to Play Best Cricket Shots:how to bat well

Focusing on all the techniques or tips is important to become a perfect batsman but as well as choosing the right cricket bat for yourself is equally important. Without a perfect or suitable bat, you can’t give a perfect shot. ‘How to choose cricket bat’ is the common question that every batsman asks themselves but really it isn’t a big deal. Whenever you go to the shop to purchase a bat, you will get a plethora of choices to choose from. You can choose a cricket bat according to your skill level and requirements so that you can feel comfortable with your bat and give your best cricket shots.

While choosing a cricket bat, the most essential things that all batsmen should verify – size and weight – as it should be according to them. The cricket bat should be compatible with your size and weight so that you can feel comfortable while playing with it. Because if you are middling bat with perfect bodyweight, then you are good at your feet and you can make good scores.

batting skillsAmazing Batting Shots for Improving Cricket Batting Skills

When the padded up with the bat in hand, the main point, you should keep your eye on the cricket ball. The movements of a batman for specific delivery to a large extent depends on the battings shots that are being attempted. There are numerous cricket batting shots that you can use for make making the perfect high score:

Cricket batting shots names –

Have you ever wanted to know the name of cricket shots and how they are played? If so, then you are in the correct place. These are some types of cricket shots that are used by every batsman in order to improve their batting skills and make more runs in cricket.

  • Straight Drive
  • Back Foot Drive
  • Back Foot Defence
  • Forward Defence
  • Slog Sweep
  • Sweep Shot
  • Square Cut
  • Pull Shot
  • Hook Shot
  • Front Foot Glance

Different Shots in Cricket – Types of Cricket Shots

All shots in cricket have a different technique and style which makes your batting shot look different from other players. Below are mentioned detailed information about these batting shots. You can take your skills to the next level with these comprehensive batting shots given below:

Straight Drive:

You must get your front foot as near to pitch of the delivery as possible and keep your head over the cricket ball as you play the stroke. It is about placement and timing rather than power.

Slog Sweep:

In slog-sweep shot, you must play stroke across your body with the jam-packed face of the cricket bat. This method is similar to the sweep shot but it is riskier as it is utilized in order to score boundaries.

Back Foot Defence:

This shot is used for blocking the cricket ball rather than for scoring the runs. This batting stroke is included 3 main points such as get the position, hit the shot and follow-through. The back-foot defense shot is generally used for fast delivery.

Back Foot Drive:

When the delivery is short of a length, this stroke permits you to score runs b/w mid-on and cover. This back-foot drive is all about placement than power utilizing the top hand and ensuring the hands and cricket bat follow through the shot’s line.

Forward Defence:

In order to protect the wicket from a ball, this shot most commonly used in cricket. In forward defense shot, you must get your front foot forward, keep your cricket bat near to the batting pad so there is no gap for the cricket ball for hitting the wicket, play the ball straight for avoiding the edges. This kind of cricket batting shot will not score several runs but it will keep the stumps intact.

This is one of the chief batting strokes in cricket. If the batsman played with aggressive intent, then this stroke becomes the drive.

Sweep Shot:

The sweep shot is used to a low bouncing ball. It is a cross-batted front foot cricket batting shot. In this shot, the batsman brings his head down in line with cricket ball & swings his cricket bat around in a horizontal curve close the pitch as the cricket ball arrives.

Cut shot in cricket:

The cut shot is one of the deftest batting strokes in cricket. Through cricket batting shots names, anyone can simply understand what kind of shot is and how it is played and the cut shot in cricket is no different. This stroke usually includes “cutting” the cricket ball away from its initial course (or route) of reaching the wicketkeeper.

Square cut shot cricket drills –

We are all familiar with the square cut shot. This kind of shot is played by several batsmen when the cricket ball is full & wide of off-stump. If the batsman hit the ball in the center of the cricket bat, then the ball will be almost gone to out of boundary.

Pull Shot:

This shot is the finest sights of the cricketers. It is a cross-batted and aggressive shot that played off the back foot towards the leg side off a quick pitched delivery. This shot is hit along the playground.

Hook Shot:

This shot is used when the ball is above the batman’s shoulder. In this stroke, the batsman hits the cricket ball towards the leg side boundary. It is generally used by batsmen only when they chase a target.

Front Foot Glance:

It is a shot used against the fast bowlers. This kind of shot helps you to make the best cricket shots when the fast bowlers bowl down their leg-side. In the front foot glance shot, you need to flick your wrists as you glance the cricket ball to the offside, utilizing the pace previously on the cricket ball to score runs.

Focus Not Only Game But Also on Your Fitness to Improve Cricket Batting Skillshow to bat well in cricket

For making a perfect shot, it is necessary to know all basic & advanced techniques and rules. To become perfect batsman, it is required to do more practice to improve your game, but focusing on your fitness is also important as all the things.

Add simple workout routines to the training at an early stage you will get into habits and this is important as you get older. You can use an exercise bike or treadmill or put in some time running outdoors if you have access to a gym to develop your cardiovascular capability. Many good batsmen have suffered from severe back injuries during their careers and anything that can aid in alleviating this is often helpful.

Hopefully, the information provided above will properly help you to improve your battings skills effectively. You should put all these above tips into actions right away and become a perfect batsman.

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