How to put or replace Bat Grip

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Cricket bat grip is an essential yet external part of a bat that is placed over the handle providing solidity between grip surface and the gloves of a batsman. It helps players to grip the cricket bat properly & firmly. However, everyone knows rubber grips never last so long as the handle of a cricket bat. Grips come in many varieties, colors, designs and due to so many changes in material, it gets torn after some or excessive use. It is essential to change the grip from time to time despite fixing the slipping problem and messing with your game. This article will help you in understanding the method on how to put a grip on a cricket bat handle. But before knowing cricket batting grip techniques, you should also know there are a few types of grips available in the market which can be used as per the comfortability and appearance.

Cricket bat grip types –

Grips provide you greater control.

There are different kinds of grips that come with different color combinations such as white and purple, white and aqua, white and black, white and red, white and yellow and white and blue and many more. The specific types of cricket handle grips are given here:

Octopus Cricket Grips:

Cricket Bat Grip_

Snake Cricket Grips:

bat grip

Ripple Cricket Grips:

bat grip cricket

Wave Cricket Grips:

cricket grip

Chevron Cricket Grips:

how to put grip on bat

All these types of cricket bat grips deliver an outstanding hold throughout the game enabling batsmen to play all conventional & orthodox shots.

Now head over putting the grip on a cricket bat:

How to grip a cricket bat via bat grip conehow to grip the bat

You should have a cricket bat grip cone to put the grip on the cricket bat. it helps to fit the bat grip easily & quickly onto the bat handle. The manufacturing structure of the bat cone is in such a way that one side is very thin (from where the bat grip is pushed) whereas the other side is thick (a side to attach on the handle). Look at the procedure:

  • Start putting the new grip on the thin side of the grip cone. Hold the thicker side of the bat handle grip cone firmly while placing it.
  • Now, roll the grip completely on itself. ‘O’ Shape will be formed after rolling. Keep the last part of the grip unrolled. Rolling should be made from a thin part of the cricket grip cone.
  • Now, place the thick part of the cricket bat grip cone on the handle of the cricket bat and push the bat grip onto it. Make sure you have kept the bat on the ground while fitting. Continue pushing the rolled bat grip until it reaches the downward part of the handle.
  • Now roll the remaining part of the bat grip till the end and simply unroll the grip.
  • Cut the additional part of the grip it goes beyond the top of the handle using a scissor.
  • Wrap the bat grip using an electrical tape where it meets with the shoulder of the bat.

A grip helps a player to get an excellent grip on the cricket bat, similarly, a bat grip tape also provides better control on the bat as it holds the bat grip firmly. The cricket bat grip tape is made of quality PVC material. Once you have done the gripping, you can apply the grip tape to tighten the grip. In order to apply this grip tape, you need to wrap it to the bat’s specific area with the sticky side and hold it for a couple of seconds so that the grip tape can stick to the bat handle properly. Now hold the bat handle and experience the gripping. Anyone can easily afford these grips as the cricket bat grip price is pocket friendly and optimal.

We hope, this article will surely help you out in putting the grip on the bat handle. A good batsman should also know “how to hold a cricket bat” correctly.

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