Terms and Conditions

This article is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and printed in keeping with the provisions of Rule 3) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that need issuing the privacy policy, rules and regulations and Terms of Use for usage or access of Platform – www.willcraftsports.in.

Your use of Willcraftsports.in is ruled by the succeeding terms & conditions (“Terms of Use“) as well as the ‘Privacy Policy’ – as valid to the Willcraftsports, including legal rules which are combined here through commendation. By sheer use of Willcraftsports.in, you must be contracting with WillCraftsports.in. These terms & conditions plus the policies institute your compulsory responsibilities, with WillCraftsports.in.

For these Terms & Conditions, wherever the context so needs “User” or “You” will mean any legal or natural being who has settled to become a purchaser on Platform by delivering Information at the time of registration on the WillCraftsports.in as ‘Registered User.’ The term “We,” “WillCraft,” “Our,” “Us” shall mean Willcraftsports.in and its affiliates such as ‘Big Value Shop.’ Willcraftsports govern this Site, and all its products available at Willcraftsports.in are handled by ‘Big Value Shop,’ a company unified beneath the laws of India having its listed office in Ghaziabad. All recommendations to the Website in these Terms shall believe in denoting to the unit as mentioned above (Big Value Shop) in the presence of the online portal.

When you make use of any of the Willcraftsports’ services or products, you will be redirected to another online portal named as Big Value Shop. Willcraftsports.in has distribution channels such as Big Value Shop to provide you the available Services and Products as quickly as possible. It means, when you try to purchase any product from willcraftsports.in, you will be redirected to the bigvalueshop.com platform, and you have to follow the Terms and Conditions of that respective online site. Willcraft products may also be available on different online platforms such as ‘Amazon,’ others. If you are buying Willcraft products from such online stores, then you have to obey their terms and conditions intensely. WillCraftsports.in.

When You make use of Willcraft services through Big Value Shop including, but not limited to, you will be subject to the guidelines, rules, terms, policies, and conditions applicable to such services, and they must be considered to be unified into the Terms and Conditions and will be measured as part-and-parcel. We have all the rights, at Our sole will, to alter, change, remove or add sections (at any time) of our Terms and Conditions, without any preceding written announcement to You. But we don’t have control on our associates and their terms & conditions. You shall make sure to analyze the Terms and Conditions every so often for modernizes / alterations. Your sustained use of this Platform after the posting of modifications will denote that You admit and grant to the amendments. If You obey these Terms and Conditions, we permit You a non-exclusive, personal, limited, non-transferable freedom to come in and use the Platform. By explicitly or impliedly admitting these Terms and Conditions, you also agree and accept to be bound by WillCraftsports.in Policies counting but not restricted to ‘Privacy Policy’ as revised now and then.

  1. User Password, Account, and Security:

1.1. If You use Willcraftsports.in or its redirected online Platform, You must be accountable for upholding the privacy of your Display Name and Password, and You must be accountable for all actions that occur beneath your ‘Display Name’ and ‘Password.’ You admit that if You give any evidence that is incorrect, imprecise, not contemporary, or imperfect, We shall have the authority to open-endedly postpone or dismiss or obstruct access of your connection on the Platform.

1.2. You agree to

  • confirm that you withdraw from your account at the close of each session and,
  • instantly notify WillCraft or its allied Platform of any illegal use or violation of your account or password.
  1. Services Offered:

2.1. WillCraftsports.in offers several online services through its Platform or the associated one. One such service permits Users to buy original products such as sports footwear, clothing, and accessories. The Products can be bought through the associate corporation such as Big Value Shop via various procedures of payments offered. The purchase or sale of Products must be furthermore ruled by explicit policies of sale like return policy, exchange policy, cancellation policy, etc. Moreover, these Terms and Conditions may be additionally complemented by Product precise terms, which could be shown with that Merchandise or Product.

2.2. Willcraftsports.in does not guarantee that Product content or other description on specific Platform is precise, comprehensive, dependable, complete, recent, or error-free and accepts no accountability by the way.

  1. User Interaction and Communications:

Users use to interact and meet with each other for their connections on the Platform. Willcraftsports.in or it’s allied company (Big Value Shop) is not and can’t be a party to or govern in any way for any transaction between Wilcraftsports.in. Henceforth:

3.1 USER INTERACTIONS.  To the boundary permitted by applicable law, we aren’t accountable for your interactions with other customers/users of the Platform or any harm or damage you may encounter due to these interactions.

You take accountability and be responsible when interacting with other consumers/users (also with the consumers/users you even don’t know) on the Platform. Before you meet with others, conveying a friend, deliberate investigating, selecting public locations, and letting someone know about yourself, Willcraftsports.in or its allied company is under no commitment to become included with any customer/user clash. Still, it can do so at its own will.

3.2. Electronic Communications

  • By using willcrafsports.in or its redirected Platform, you agree to obtain specific electronic communications from Willcraftsports.in or the redirected site(bigvalueshop.com), dependent on applicable law.
  • You agree that any disclosure, agreement, notice, or other communication that Willcraftsports.in or its associated corporation mails you electronically will gratify any legal communication necessities, counting that such communications be in authoring/recording.
  1. User Rules and Conduct on the Platform:

4.1. You confirm, undertake, and agree that the following binding rules must firmly rule your use of this Platform:

4.2. You must not display, modify, transmit, publish, upload, host, update or share any info which:

  • Relates to another individual and to which You don’t have any right to
  • is misleading by any means
  • is totally irreverent, harassing, obscene, harmful, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, paedophilic, invasive of another’s privacy, racially, hateful, or disparaging, ethnically objectionable, encouraging or relating gambling or money laundering, or otherwise illicit in any way whatever.
  • Includes the spread of “chain letters,” “junk mail,” or spontaneous mass ‘spamming’ or mailing.
  • Endorses unlawful conduct or activities that are bullying, obscene, abusive, insulting, or vilifying.
  • Trespasses upon or interrupts our rights of privacy (counting without limitation illegal expose of an indvidual’s email address, name, physical address, or the phone number), intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity.
  • Includes limited or hidden pages or password-only contact pages, or other images (which are not connected to or from another available page).
  • Offers instructional Info about unlawful actions such as buying or making prohibited weapons, infringing someone’s privacy, or giving or creating computer viruses.
  • Trespasses our copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy or shall not be deceitful or contain the sale of fake or stolen products.
  • Includes photographs, videos, or images of other individual.
  • Tries to achieve illegal access or surpasses the scope of lawful access to the Platform or profiles, account information, communities, friend request, bulletins, blogs, or other areas of the Platform or requests passwords or private identifying Data for commercial or illegal determinations from other users.
  • restricts with another USER’s use and pleasure of the Platform or any other person’s User and comfort of similar services
  • interrupts any rule for the time being in a push
  • bullies the integrity, unity, security, defense, or the law of India, friendly kindred with public order or foreign states, or affects provocation to the directive of cognizable crime or avoids inquiry of any crime or is offending any other country or state.
  • Shouldn’t be inaccurate, false, or misleading
  • Shouldn’t create an obligation for Us or affect Us to misplace the services of Our ISP (internet service provider) or other providers.

4.3. A User can be judged deceitful or harm to business because of fraudulent activity if any of the following situations are met:

  • Users make use of invalid email, address, and phone number.
  • Users implicated in the snatch and run of an order from our associate companies
  • Users decline to pay for any order from our distributional channels
  • Misapplication of another Customer’s email/phone
  • Diverse actions ran with the sole purpose of initiating loss to revenue/business to Willcraftsports.in.
  • Recurring request for economic reimbursement for used/fake order on our associate corporation.

4.4. You may not use the Platform for any illegal and deceitful tenacities, which may cause irritation and troublesome and insults any rules and policy of the company and disturb or affects to disturb, harms the use by other Users of Willcraftsports.in.

4.5. You may not use any incorrect email address, imitates any entity or person, or otherwise cheats Willcraftsports.in by sharing several phone numbers and addresses or managing with malafide intents.

4.6. We on specific landing pages even permit our Customers to undergo a free exchange of observations and ideas about interest in the field of sports, considering showing User-generated content’ or/and posting comments’ and ‘videos.’ By opening, showing or/and displaying any UGC (user-generated Content) to any precise reserved page on the Platform, you permit and accept the does labelled in these ‘Privacy Policies’ and ‘Terms and Conditions,’ along with any other terms of agreed by the Willcraftsports.in on the Platform. You undertake and agree that when opening, watching and / or posting any ‘user-generated-content’ on these webpages, you will not copy, harass, abuse, any User/Consumer or exploit and violate any of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the Platform.

4.7. You shouldn’t use any “page-scrape,” “deep-link,” “spider,” “robot” or other automatic devices, methodology or algorithm, program, or any same or equal manual procedure in order to acquire, access, monitor or copy any section of the Platform or the Content, or by any means replicate or by-pass the directional presentation or structure of the Platform or any Content, to attempt or obtain any documents, materials, or Data through anyways not knowingly made obtainable through the Platform. We stand by Our right to block any such activity.

4.8. You should not try to acquire unlawful access to any segment or article of the Platform, or any other networks or systems linked with the Platform to any computer, server, network, or to any of the amenities accessible through or on the Platform, by password, hacking, “withdrawal” or any other unlawful ways.

4.9. You must guarantee full obedience with the valid provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and guidelines thereunder as authentic and as revised now and then and also all valid Domestic rules, regulations, and laws, and Foreign Exchange Laws, International Laws, Ordinances, Statutes, and Regulations (including, but not limited to Sales VAT/Tax, Service Tax, Income Tax, Octroi, Custom Duty, Central Excise, Local Levies) about Your use of Our Service and Your purchase, listing, solicitation of proposals to purchase, and sale of services or products. You must not be involved in any deal in a service or an item, which is banned by the provisions of any valid law, comprising exchange control laws or rules for the time being in force.

4.11. You cannot pretend that You are, or that You signify, somebody else, or imitate any other entity or individual.

4.12. You should not participate in the solicitation of, or advertising to, other Users of the Platform to sell or purchase any services or products, comprising, but not restricted to, services or products linked with that being shown on the Platform or connected with us.

4.13. Once in a while, You must be answerable for delivering Information relating to the services or products planned to be amended by You. In this linking, you assume that all such Information must be correct in all admirations. You must not overstate or over highlight the characteristics of such services or products to deceive other Users in any way.

4.14. The Content displayed does not manifestly imitate Willcraftsports.in views. On no occasion shall Willcraftsports.in will have or undertake any accountability or obligation for any Content showed or for any loss, damages, or claims, subsequent from use of Content or/and, arrival of Content on the Platform. You at this moment stand for and affirm that You have all required rights to and in all Content that You deliver and all Data it covers and that such Content shouldn’t trespass any of our trademarked or other rights.

4.15. WillCraftsports.in hereby denies any certification of accuracy as to the appearance, size, finish, color etc., of the last Product as ordered by the Customer/User via our distributional channels. WillCraftssports.in does not sell any products directly. So, for returns & exchange, do follow the respective distributional channel’s “Return and Refund Policy.” Please study the Product Feature Page to see the number of days up to which an item can be exchanged/returned, post-delivery. In case of the ‘return’ of the bought item, kindly refer to the “Returns Policy” on the allied company’s site. We have distributional channels to sell our products to which you can follow for the ‘return & refund policy.’

  1. Contents Shown on Platform:

Excluding User Content (mentioned downward), all of the materials on our online site – including software, text, graphics, designs, code, photos, scripts, news stories, articles, videos, sounds, applications, music,  interactive features, sketches, stickers, general artwork, animations, and other Content (“Content”) – is owned by Willcraftsports.in or others. We license Content from and is shielded by patent, trademark, copyright, and other laws. Willcraftsports.in keeps all rights, not specifically explained in these Terms. This Platform, in some parts of pages, permits you to post photos, comments, videos, and other Content, which we denote to as “User Content.”  Willcraftsports.in is not accountable for User Content others post to this online Platform. User Content is maintained by some other users or you or whoever made it, but when you or anyone post ‘User Content’ you and that other person license it to Willcraftsports.in as mentioned downward:

  • You signify that you have the authority to post your ‘User Content,’ and you confer Willcraftsports.in a transferable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, global license to apply any of the User Content that you post on or in linking with the Platform, comprising the rendering of any individual that shows in the User Content, or any of the ideas or concepts covered in the User Content, for any reason, including commercial use, which consists of the right to display, translate, modify, sublicense, create derivative works, reproduce, assign and distribute these rights. Willcraftsports.in may, in its solitary decision, eliminate any ‘User Content’ at any time.
  • You comprehend that removed User Content may continue in Willcraft’s systems and on the Platform. To the limit your User Content, it would be openly shared or posted with others who haven’t removed it, without you or the pertinent person request blocking or deletion of personal info according to applicable law.

5.2. LICENSE TO MAKE USE OF FEEDBACK, COMMENTS, AND IDEAS.  You comprehend that any feedback comments or ideas you refer/mail us are delivered on a non-confidential base, and you admit to Willcraftsports.in a worldwide, perpetual license to use all feedback, comments, and ideas you can share with us, without compensation, notice, or confession to you, for any reasons whatsoever, involving, but not limited to, manufacturing, developing, and marketing services and products and modifying, creating, or improving services and products.

  1. Privacy Policy:

6.1. We believe the safety of Your privacy as a very vital principle. We comprehend evidently that You and Your Personal Data is one of Our most critical properties. We collect and process Your Info counting any subtle financial data gathered as evident beneath the Information Technology Act, 2000, and Rules thereunder. We can share personal data with our other affiliates or corporate entities.

6.2. We may reveal personal data if mandatory to do so by law or in the respectable trust credence that such revelation is sensibly essential to answer to court orders, subpoenas, or other legal process. We may reveal/show personal data to 3rd-party rights holders, law enforcement offices, or others in the respectable trust belief that such revelation is sensibly essential to: impose our Privacy Policy, or Terms react to claims that a posting, an advertisement, or other Content. And, disrupts the rights of a 3rd party or protect the rights, personal or property safety of our consumers/users or the overall public.

6.3. We and our associates will sell/share all or some of your personal data with another commercial entity should we (or our properties) plot to combine with, or be obtained by that commercial entity, or amalgamation, re-organization, reshuffling of business. We have expounded this Privacy Policy to shield Your financial/personal Info and keep it private. By visiting Our Willcraftsports.in site or its associates one, you are consenting and accepting to the does explained in this Privacy Policies. The following Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy draws the Data we may treat and how we may make use of that Data to help you better while using our Willcraftsports.in or the corresponding associates.

  • Correspondence Information. Following are the several ‘Correspondence Information’ which You give when You register/access for Our Service contains:
    • Under 18 age Children: Using the Willcraftsports.in is obtainable only to individuals who may form validly binding contracts beneath the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Individuals who’re “useless to the bond” within the sense of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 comprising un-discharged, minors, ruined, etc. are not qualified to use Willcrafsports.in or its associates. If you’re a minor (under 18 aged), you must not register as a ‘User’ of the Platform and should not use or perform on the Platform. As a minor if you desire to transact or use on Willcraftsports.in, such transaction or use may be made by your authorized parents or guardians on the Platform.
    • Personal Information: name, age, images, gender, postal/contact address, email id, telephone, Content, and nationality.
    • Stored Information: Information either created by 3rd party or you, and which you desire to store on our servers like documents, image files, etc.
    • User IDs: Your passwords, usernames, contacts, email addresses, and other security-related data used by you regarding our Services. Remember we never keep credit/debit card details of any customer as we don’t sell products directly.
    • Spam
    • Impostor or Fake profiles
    • Shared Information: What kind of Data/Information are not permitted on Platform?
    • Sexually indicative Content or any Nudity
    • credible threats, hate speech, or direct confront on a group or individual
    • Content that covers excessive violence or self-harm.
  • 6.4. Applicable law and process. We store and gather your ‘Correspondence Information’ to: (a) monitor your use of our Services despite ensuring your agreement with our Terms and conditions and (b) obey our requirements under the law. Any dispersal of Data by you to our Site is at your own risk. We suggest that you don’t reveal your password to anybody.

6.5. Functioning Use. We may utilize your data for indicating products and promotional schemes and offers. At any time, you can make update of your profiling data on our site. You agree and acknowledge such an update is for Your benefits and for enhancing service efficiency and personalization of the Platform.

6.6. Functional and Technical management of the Platform. When you use Willcraftsports.in, we also handle technical info such as your Device ID, IP-address, Device Accounts, including MAC-address or third-party accounts, Device Contacts, and Information about the model, Manufacturer, and OS of your mobile phone. We use this info to permit us to solve technical hitches, send the functionalities of the Platform, and deliver you with the truthful (avoid the transmission of viruses, spam, or/and defamatory, unlawful, obscene or otherwise unwanted Content or Material) and most efficient version of the Platform. Note: As we don’t sell products directly via Willcraftsports.in, we don’t keep debit/credit card details of the customers.

6.7. Cookie Policy. We dwell a text file on your mobile phone to permit various features of WillCraftsports.in. and it is called a ‘cookie.’ “Cookies” are utilized to keep user partialities and to track user movements, so as to boost your communicating experience and largely progress our Services to you. You may modify your ‘cookie settings’ to receive or not receive cookies in your browser. If you do agree to take a “cookie,” you thus approve of our use of any Personal Data gathered by us using that Cookie.

  1. Warranty Disclaimer:

 The Content, Platform, and the products or materials on this Platform are kept “AS IS.” We are not promising to any kind, including about the Platform’s adequacy, accuracy, helpfulness, dependability or otherwise. To the supreme level permissible by applicable law, Willcraftsports.in is not liable or accountable for any user content displayed on this Platform.

Willcraftsports.in doesn’t pledge that the Platform will be error-free or uninterrupted, that any blemishes will be fixed, or that the Platform is free of harmful viruses or anything

To the completest level allowable by law, Willcraftsports.in denies all implied or express warranties,  related to the User Content, Platform, Content, and any services or products you may access or obtain via the Platform, comprising but not limited to, indicated warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a specific determination and non-violation.

  • It’s your sole accountability for any harm or damage to your Device developing from accessing the Platform, to the extent valid law doesn’t deliver otherwise.
  • We hope you get the complete benefit of and enjoy this Platform; although, we don’t promise any outcomes.
  • In case you want to claim the warranty, you have to provide billing details (from where you have purchased, on which date, etc). Willcraftsports.in reserves the right to accept or refuse the claim warranty at its sole discretion based on product condition.
  1. Indemnity:

You shall indemnify and hold harmless Willcraftsports.in, its owner, licensee, affiliates, group companies (as applicable), subsidiaries, and their particular agents, directors, officers, and employees, from any demand, actions or claim including sensible attorneys’ fees, done by any third-party or penalty forced due to or ascending out of Your breach of this Terms of Use, privacy Policy, and other Policies, or Your desecration of any rules, regulations or law, or the rights (including infringement of intellectual property rights) of a third party.

  1. Copyright, Trademark, Restrictions:

This site is operated and controlled by Willcraft, and the products are sold willcraftsports.in or its associates. All Content on this site, including illustrations, images, video clips, and audio clips, are secured by trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. Content on Willcraftsports.in is completely for Your private, non-commercial purpose. You shouldn’t reproduce, copy, upload, republish, transmit, post or distribute such Content in any way, including by mail or other electronic things and whether indirectly or directly and You should not support any other individual or people to do so. Without the preceding inscribed agreement of the owner, alteration of the Content, use of the Content on any other Willcraftsports.in or interacted computer environment or use of the Content for any reason other than non-commercial, personal use is an infringement of the trademarks, copyrights, and other proprietary privileges, and is banned. Any utilization for which You obtain any payment, whether in cash or otherwise, is a marketable use for the intentions of this section. It is elucidated explicitly that You will hold the proprietorship and shall merely be accountable for any content that You upload or deliver when utilizing any Service, including any data, information, text, photographs, images, video, sound, music, or any other Content which you may transmit, upload,  or keep while utilizing Our various Services. Although, We have all the rights to reproduce/use any content that you have uploaded and agree to accord perpetually, irrevocably, royalty-free, unconditionally, and global power to Us to utilize the Content for reasonable commercial reason.

  1. Restriction of Liability:

Willcraftsports.in, on no event, will be accountable for any punitive, indirect, special, incidental, substantial damages or any other harms resulting from:

  • the incapability to use or utilize the Products or Services.
  • unofficial access to or amendment of the Customer’s transmissions or data
  • crack of representations, condition, or warranties by the Product manufacturer
  • any other substance regarding the services including, damages for loss of use, profits or data, arising out of or in any way associated with the performance or use of the Service or Platform. We are not accountable for the unavailability of the services or products during maintenance operations or any accidental suspension of access to the Willcraftsports.in. Willcraftsports.in will not be legally responsible for any disagreement or dispute between Users or its associates as we directly don’t sell any product.

Willcraftsports.in may modify or terminate any Willcraftsports.in Platform, member program, service or Product at any time deprived of notice.

We may delete your profile, suspend or terminate your account, or any of your User Content, and limit your use of any or all part of the site at any time for any concern, deprived of any accountability to Willcraftsports.in, dependent on applicable law.

  • These Terms persist in the outcome even after you have stopped using the Platform or being terminated.
  • You agree and commit that some of your ‘User Content,’ specially that is shown in other public places or activity feed on the Platform, may carry on appearing openly even after your account is removed upon the request of applicable law.
  1. Jurisdictional Problems:

Unless otherwise detailed, the Content on the Platform is accessible solely for the reason of sale in India. We do not represent that contents in the Platform are proper or available for use in countries/reasons other than India. Those people who pick to run this Platform from other than India is solely responsible, and Willcraftsports.in is not accountable for the supply of refund/products for the products as we don’t sell products directly to the customers.

  1. Disclaimer:

13.1. You undertake and acknowledge that you’re accessing the products or services on the Platform and transacting at your responsibility. You are also utilizing your prudent and best judgment before coming into any transactions through Willcraftsports.in or it’s associate. Being the Manufacturer, we may take care of the products in respect of suitability, quality, reliability, accuracy, performance, safety but do not guarantee you for the products or services if they get expired. Read the warranty periods before making any purchase of the Willcraft’s service or Product from our associate partners.

13.2. Selling and Delivery – Willcraftsports.in has distributional channels. It does not sell any product directly and if you try to purchase from willcraftsports.in, you will be redirected to the recommended online distributional channels such as Big Value Shop. You agree and grant that delivery may take extra time to be delivered at your doorstep while you make purchase from the distribution channels.