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In the gentleman’s game of cricket, there is not a particular posture or a definitive way of “how to hold a cricket bat” nor is there a universally predefined best way to hold a bat in cricket. The batsman just has to understand and learn the techniques alongside practicing them which would eventually help to improve their batting skill and enhance their overall batting performance so as to avoid injuries and sustain for longer durations on the crease. A proper knowledge of how to hold bat not only modifies the technique of the batsmen but also increases their confidence while playing the shots. Different players in the world have different techniques for playing the game and holding the bat. Be it the famous “V grip” the heavy hander’s favorite, or “O grip” used basically for run stealing and then there is the short ball flicking “Knott grip.” These are three major bat holding techniques perfected by several famous cricketers including the likes of Sir. Don Bradman. There are no particular instructions on how to hold cricket bat right handed or left handed as it varies with the preference of the players. How to hold a bat properly in cricket is something that can be discussed and debated upon some other day. However coming to the point, here we will be breaking down these methods of “how to hold a cricket bat correctly”. What the disadvantages and advantages of holding bats in positions like these are.

V- GripHow to Hold Cricket Bat

Place the bat flat on the ground with its plane side facing towards the ground.

Now, hold the handle of the bat with the “V” portion formed between your thumb and index finger is properly aligned with the spine (raised portion) of the bat. Make sure that both the hands are holding the bat comfortably and the hands are not left stiff. Meaning, the player has to hold it firmly but with loosened shoulders.

Now, if the player’s v shape of the finger gets aligned in between the raised portion (spine) of the bat and its edges, then this will give power to the shots of the batsman in case they are trying to play a pull shot or are just trying to cut it. If the players want to keep the ball grounded, then what they have to do is just change the angle of the face of the bat. For an amateur batsman, this is a perfect posture while batting in cricket initially during the startup of the careers.

how to hold batO – Grip

This is the technique adored by the batsman who prefers using heavy bats as it reduces the stress on the hands. So, in this technique, the batsman has to hold the bat in such a way so that all the fingers are pointing downwards towards the flatter side of the bat. Meaning, the V Grip needs to be counter clock wise. If the batsman is left handed, then the position becomes clockwise. Batsman uses this technique to generate more power for the cross batted shots. But this technique has a major flaw and that is the batsman cannot use this orientation to play vertical shots often as it leads the bat to swing across the line. The bat usually moves down in this direction of the ground. This technique is very prominent while hinging the bat when it’s lifted behind the batsman.

Knott – Griphow to hold a bat

This technique was primarily developed to tack short-pitch and fast passed deliveries. To use this technique the batsman first has to form a v grip then slightly move the hands in either clockwise direction if the batsman is a left-handed batsman and counter-clockwise if the batsman is a right- handed batsman. The Batsman then rotate their hand until the point when both the back of their hands are in the same alignment. This technique lets the user steal quick singles but is not at all good for heavy-hitting as the batsman finds the bottom hand limiting the movement of the forward hand, as a result, it’s not good for hitting heavy shots.

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This above article illustrates the players on the different techniques of how to hold the bat correctly. However, a few things to be noted down at the end of the day is that what improves the posture of how to hold cricket bat is actually in the hands of the players. A few other key things are as follows:

  1. Good amount of practice.
  2. Pre-assumption of the bowler’s mindset.
  3. Comfort felt by the players while holding on to the bat.
  4. The top hand should be the one holding the bat in more firm way than the backward except for while generating power during heavy hitting shots.
  5. Use high quality bat grip on handle.

Players should also know how to put grip on bat so that they can further enhance their better holding.

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