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Warranty information:

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Cricket Bats sold by WillCraft are of high-quality, and our aim is only to deliver unrivaled items. Wood is a natural item, and a few indiscretions can be assumed as a routine matter. Due to hard leather balls, improper shots, or softwood, normal cracks and deterioration are foreseeable and regular. In addition to this, minor cracking is not a sign of a broken-bat, but a warning that it needs additional knocking-in. The price or brand of a bat does not imitate the latent durability of the willow. In fact, the more exclusive bats are made of softer willow, and yet they will outdo inexpensive bats. So, we cannot say that there is a fixed time for a cricket bat to last long. Warranty claims are measured on a case-by-case basis, and the responsibility depends on the situations. WillCraft offers a limited warranty on English willow & Kashmir willow cricket bats based on the circumstance or nature of the warranty claim. Please look at our warranty terms & conditions:

The warranty of the bats purchased from WillCraft “does not” apply to:

  • Damage to shoulder, edge, toe under any circumstance
  • Damage because of extended or improper use
  • Use of composite or non-leather balls.
  • Damage due to bowling machine balls
  • Due to moisture/water or heat damage
  • Over-oiling, improper knock-in, or No-oiling.
  • Damage due to yorker, inaccurate play or bad shots
  • Minor wear & tear and surface cracks
  • Once repaired from a third-party
  • Grip deterioration
  • Tying a thread on bat’s blade
  • Swelling of the toe due to dampness
  • No Stickers, No Warranty

Warranty “Covers only” in case of:

  • Loose handles (6months warranty)
  • Storm damage (within knocking session or 7 days of purchase)
  • Broken handles (6 months warranty)
  • Deemed to be the manufacturer’s fault

All cricket bats sold by WillCraft have a limited month warranty in contradiction of the damage considered to be manufacturing flaw & no mistake done by the customer. Most warranty claims cannot be solved instantly (it may take 14-28 days based on the situation). Please be sure that the warranty period begins from the date of purchase. Customers should also provide genuine & authentic proof before claiming for a warranty like pictures of the damaged part or/and video proof.

Warranty Return

WillCraft will always make an effort to process warranty returns within a satisfactory time frame and according to the “Return & Refund” Policy.  A policy may include a replacement, repair, refund, or having the service done again. While making a warranty claim, evidence of purchase needs to be provided to WillCraft by the customer. Proof must include (invoice of the purchased bat/bank statement).

For any concern, please contact WillCraft team via email: or use phone number: +918708758707

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