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Few cricketers are fussy about their kit, whether to add something extra in their cricket kit apart from bats, right and left handed cricket gloves and cloths. Players pore over lists trying to find exactly the correct cricket kit items that suit both to their style of play and physical frame. Playing modern cricket is not a low-priced game now. Having inappropriate cricket equipment leads to injury and a big blow on a career as well. The cricket protective gear is precisely manufactured to protect players whether he/she is a wicket-keeper or a batsman. Never forget the loss of Philip Hughes (late Australian cricketer) who got struck on the head by a leather ball and unfortunately found death. Hard leather balls can be bowled at a speed of 161kmph which is enough to send players to death. Hence, if you are looking for cricket kit essentials that are required to be kept in the bag, check out these:

Cricket Helmet:cricket kit

Helmet is a must-have essential protective gear that protects the head from the incoming hardball. The helmet also comes under the regulation and any player whose age is below 18, must wear a helmet. For those players, kids cricket helmet is available. The crucial thing to bear in mind is the price and comfort. The best cricket helmets are available in many sizes at different prices and with a little bit of adjustment & settings, a player can choose the best one.

Usually, the wicket keepers (standing up to the stumps) and batsmen are the key players who wear wicket keeping helmet and cricket batting helmet respectively. Batsman is required to wear the cricket batting helmet to face medium pace and spin bowling as well as pace. Some players also wear a cricket helmet neck guard along with helmet for extra protection and to avoid injury. The cricket helmet price varies depending on the quality and manufacturer. But you can find many cheap cricket helmets as their cost is optimal as compared to their quality and material.

cricket kit priceAbdo Guard – A Vital Cricket Protective Gear:

An Abdominal guard delivers protection to the groin area, and it’s an essential part of the cricket equipment. The impact of the ball can be downright uncertain, hard, and it can promptly send players to death if not worn. Don’t play a single cricket match, while batting, keeping, or close fielding without wearing a robust Abdo guard.

Cricket Leg Pads & Thigh Guards:price of cricket kit

Leg guards and cricket thigh pads are the great essentials to keep in your cricket kit bag. Some cricketers ignore having thigh pads in their kit bag or wearing during the play as they can typically confine movement, but to prevent firm stain thigh pads are also as important as cricket legguards are. Fast bowling can willingly or unwillingly hurt your legs, but not with high-quality cricket legguards & thigh pads. Not let your legs & thighs get damaged during the game as they remain the pillars of your stance – your game.

The batsmen should wear cricket shin pads in order to cover the part of their shin that is the most susceptible to pain. The lightweight cricket batting pads provide extra protection. However, kids cricket pads are most appropriate for juniors or children. The cricket pads junior protects the bones and soft tissues in the lower extremities from external impact. Junior cricket pads price generally is way cheaper than the Men’s one. The cricket pad price may also vary depending on quality, brand and cricket pad sizes.

cricket kitsArm Guard – One of the Vital Cricket Accessories:

Most dominant players have decided not to use arm guard as they are now professionals who can properly judge every ball being bowled by the fast bowlers. But genuinely think at least once, if any hard cricket ball struck onto your elbow or any part of your hand. It would be a drastic blow that can indeed lead to surgeries & injuries. Always keep arm guards in your leather cricket kit bag and when it needs to be worn, do that.

Cricket Chest Guard:kids cricket kit

On any odd dodgy pitch, a ball can hit the chest which can further lead to fracture & pain. If you are a beginner or playing against a fast bowler who can bowl at a speed of 158+kmph, must use a cricket chest guard.

cricket kit without batBatting & Wicket Keeping Gloves:

Whether you are a wicket keeper or a leading batsman, wearing a pair of gloves is a must-have thing. It’s absolutely pathetic and painful when the hard leather ball promptly hits the fingers. The best wicket keeping gloves undoubtedly have webbing between the index finger and the thumb which helps keepers in catching the ball whereas batting gloves are densely padded over the thumb and fingers to protect the batsman’s palm against the ball impact. However, while choosing the right pair of cricket hand gloves, whether it be the cricket keeper gloves or the cricket batting gloves, never compromise with the ability to bend and move your mighty hands.

Right and Left Hand Batting Glovesbest cricket kit

The cricket batting gloves cover both hands of batsmen to provide comfort, warmth, prevent blisters, shock absorption, and improve grip while hitting a fast leather ball. The batting gloves price is very affordable.

cricket kit itemsCricket Wicket Keeper Gloves

The wicketkeepers (standing up to the stumps) are more exposed to a direct hit rather than the fielders. That’s why they must use the best cricket pads and gloves in order to protect their hands as they have to catch the cricket ball a lot more rather than the slip fielders. Generally, the fielders can’t wear cricket fielding gloves while fielding the cricket ball. In case, a fielder is fielding close to a batsman, then he/she is permitted to wear cricket leg pads and helmet.

The wicket keeping gloves price vary according to its manufacturer and quality. Generally, cricket keeping gloves price is reasonable whether you choose wicket keeping gloves for juniors or seniors. The cost of wicket keeping gloves for kids is very less as compared to their quality. But it is essential to choose one of the appropriate gloves for a better comfort level.

Cricket inner gloves are also very vital protective gear. The wicket keeping inner gloves and batting inner gloves are worn by both wicketkeeper and batsman in order to keep their hands sweat-free and dry and for a great grip.

Footwear – Cricket Batting Shoes & Bowling Shoes:season cricket kit

A pair of cricket shoes are also an essential part of the cricket items or kits. Players should wear a pair of cricket shoes, whether it be of metal spikes, rubber spikes or no spikes depending on the condition of ground and game to protect the toes and feet from the ball impact. Invest your money on a good pair of shoes, and that can provide you great comfort and balance.

cricket equipmentsBat & Ball – Essential Cricket Equipment to Play With:

A cricket kit without bat is precisely like a pen with an empty lead. For a batsman, cricket bat is everything and the same goes with the bowler. Bowlers must carry a ball in their kit, whether it be a tennis ball or leather ball. Both the cricket bats come in different sizes such as junior, SH, Long handle, Harrow whereas balls have various colors like red, white, pink (in leather ball) and green & red (in tennis ball). Cricket set for 10 years old players includes 29- & 26-inch long cricket bat and the cricket kit for 12 year boys or batsmen contains 32- & 28-inch long cricket bat. However, softballs and training balls are also available in the market with different color designs.

Storage – Best Cricket Kit Bags:cricket kit

Needless to say, to keep all the above cricket kit essentials in one place and carry them all together, you need the best cricket kit bag. Whether you choose a cricket kit bag with wheels or without wheels, a cricket bag price depends on its quality and storage capacity. Cricket kit bag with all accessories comes in different sizes and shapes, including holdalls, wheelies, and rucksack. The cost of cricket kit bags also varies depending on these differences along with the brand name. However, for example, the cricket kit for kids is the cheapest cricket kit bag rather than the men’s ones because of their small compartments (in order to store kids cricket gear) and design structure. Full cricket kit prices are exactly undefined as many companies or brands are selling enormous kit bags at different price rates. Choose cricket bags with wheels or shoulder/ duffle cricket kit bags that can store all your cricket accessories and also suits your budget and style of play. The cricket duffle bags can be easily carried out on the shoulder and taken out anywhere without any hindrance. Also, don’t compromise with the cricket kit bag price if you are finding all the cricket equipments or cricket stuff can be carried together by spending some extra.

So, these are the various essentials you need to have despite playing cricket.

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cricket kit priceCricket Kit For Juniors

However, junior cricket players need more protection while playing cricket. In order to protect their bones and soft tissues in the lower extremities from the external impact, having a kids cricket set or wearing all protective gear is very important. The junior cricket set comes in different sizes and weight according to the different age groups; even the cricket kit rate also differs depending upon the brand & quality you choose.

Cricket gloves for kids –

The childs cricket set includes 10 – 10 ½ inches gloves (for 5 to 6-year-old), 10 ½ – 11 inches gloves (for 7 to 8-year-old), and 11 – 11 ½ inches (for 9 to 12-year-old). The junior cricket gloves price is very less as compared to its features and quality.

Cricket bat kit – Junior Cricket Set

In general: The Cricket kit for 10 year old boy includes approx. 30 inches big barrel cricket bat with a drop 10, 9 or 8. (These drops are the numerical difference b/w the length (inch) and weight (ounces) of the cricket bat). And the cricket kit for 12 year old boy contains approx. 31 inches drop 8 cricket bat.

Children’s cricket set price varies depending on the quality and storage capacity. However, the cost of kids cricket kit is less than a cricket kit for seniors. Choose one of the best cricket kit full sets at an amazing and affordable rate. We hope, this information will help you to find out the appropriate cricket kit set essentials.

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