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It is very vital to have a correct sized cricket bat in your hand. A cricket bat should not be too heavy to handle and not too short/long to hinder good technique and perfect stroke play. The size of  cricket bat always matters; a wrong size bat may affect the technical skills of a cricket batsman. Here are the directions you require to choose the correct size and remove the distress from receiving something that does not quite fit well.

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Description for Cricket Bat Handle Size:

Generally, the cricket bat for kids ranges between size 0 to size 5 cricket bats, whereas for young cricketers, size 6 cricket bat suits well. Senior players are more likely to choose from harrow, short handle, and long handle or even cricket bat size 6. Though the cricket bat height is crafted as per the height of the player, ages do matter. Before knowing the right size based on the height and age as well, let us describe you through the chart what does harrow, short handle, long handle signifies and how the cricket bat height is measured.

Handle The portion of the cricket bat, to which a player holds with palm.
Short Handle (SH) The length of the short handle is around 33inch or 85cm and ideal for men of height 5.6” – 6.1”
Harrow Size Bat Handle Length of this handle is around 32inch or 83cm and ideal for men of height 5.5” – 5.9”
Long Handle /Full Size Bat It’s a full size cricket bat where the handle is around 87.5cm and ideal for men of height 6.1+
Height Measurement Taken from the top of the handle to the toe of the bat

*approx. measurement.
After understanding the meaning of handle sizes, look for the dimensions of cricket bat and purchase accordingly. Remember that the harrow size cricket bat is slightly different from full size cricket bat and the short one as well. Also, Junior cricket bat sizes range from 0 to 5 size.

cricket bat dimensionsCricket Bat Size Chart:


Now, check the correct size of cricket bat based on your height & age:

Bat Size Player Height ( Bat Length (inches) Age Group (in yrs.)
Size 0 Cricket Bat 4ft or under Below 25” Under 4
Size 1 Cricket Bat 4 – 4.4” 25 ¼ 4 – 5
Size 2 Cricket Bat 4.4” – 4.7” 27 ¾ 5 – 7
Size 3 Cricket Bat 4.7” – 4.10” 28 ¾ 7-9
Size 4 Cricket Bat 4.10” – 5.1” 29 ¾ 9-11
Size 5 Cricket Bat 5.1” – 5.3” 30 ¾ 11-14
Size 6 Cricket Bat 5.3” – 5.5” 31 ¼ 14-16
Harrow 5.5” – 5.9” 32 16+
Short Handle (SH) 5.6”- 6.1” 33 ½ 16+
Long Handle (LH) 6.1ft or above 33 ¾ 16+

*Cricket bat dimensions are in approximate value. You can convert these cricket bat sizes in cm.

Cricket bat measurement has been evolved immensely over the years; when the cricket sport came into existence. Initially, the width of cricket bat was thinner, but now as per the player’s demand, the size and weight went on changing. Whether it be cricket bat full size, short handle or even cricket bat size 5, make sure it meets your requirement and you feel comfortable while holding it. You should also know how to hold a cricket bat despite playing technical cricket shots and putting an unrivalled score on the board. Reading the above might help you choose the right cricket bat size for adults & younger ones.

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